Danny Ayers
Department Head,
Water/Waste Water Supervisor

Phone 842-0931

Click the link below to read the City of Winner 2015 Drinking Water Report:

2015 - Full Drinking Water Report




The water department is responsible for the management, planning, operation, and maintenance of all phases of water supply, treatment, storage, and distribution. 

It is responsible for the mechanical operation of and water treatment of the city swimming pool.

The city of Winner's water system is made up of seven wells, approximately 43 miles of transmission and distribution piping, two ground storage tanks, and two booster pump stations.  Water is pumped from the well field to the 1.5 million gallon (mg) ground storage tank.  All water is treated with chlorine before entering this tank.  Water then flows by gravity from the 1.5 mg tank to a 1 mg tank and to the distribution system.

The city produced 259,322,000 gallons of water in 2003.  That water was used by Residential customers (53%), commercial customers (30%), and the golf course (7%).  The average daily consumption is approximately 226 gallons of water per person per day in the city of Winner. 

The city conducts approximately 150 tests per year to make sure your water is disinfected as prescribed by the department of environment and natural resources, to insure that we provide a high quality of drinking water.

If you are planning on doing any digging on your property please call the SD One Call Locates at 1-800-781-7474 or 811 or visit /www.sdonecall.com at least 24 hours before you begin.



Danny Ayers

Department Head

Mark Leibrich

Water Technician










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