City department Heads

City of Winner Leadership & Services

Rhonda Augspurger, Finance Officer
The Finance Officer serves at the pleasure of the council and has responsibility for preparing the budget, directing day-to-day operations, recommending personnel changes, and serving as the council's chief policy advisor. The City Finance Officer must provide vision and leadership to the organization.

The Mayor shall appoint, with approval of the Council, a Finance Officer who shall perform such duties as prescribed by the Council pursuant to SDCL 9-14-1. If you have questions regarding operations of the city, the city budget, staffing, city ordinances, bids or bid documents or other services of the city you should contact

City of Winner & Community Resources


Public Works Director Brent Gill (605)840-8715

Cemetery & Parks

Calvin Cerv

(605) 840-0931


Myles McIntyre

(605) 840-8004

Planning & Zoning

Mike Brown

(605) 840-0796

(605) 842-3662


Darin Nelson

Emergency Dial 911




Paul Schueth

(605) 842-3328


Lorna Phillips

(605) 842-9003



Water & Sewer

Dan Ayers

(605) 840-8713

Streets & Sanitation

Bob Bolzer

(605) 840-8462



Economic Development

Karla Brozik

(605) 842-1533

Winner Area Chamber of Commerce

Karla Brozik

(605) 842-1533

ROCS Transit

Bonnie Vogt

(605) 842-5633



Winner Regional Airport

Dave Howard

(605) 842-0740


Tripp County Assessor

Rita Steele

(605) 842-2300


Tripp County Auditor

Barb DeSersa

(605) 842-3727


Tripp County Clerk of Courts


(605) 842-3552


Tripp County Extension Office & Weed Board


(605) 842-2858



Tripp County Recylcing Center



(605) 842-3028



Tripp County Register of Deeds


(605) 842-2208


Tripp County Sheriff


(605) 842-3600


Tripp County Treasurer



(605) 842-1700


Tout Advertising